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Getting accused of a criminal offense is a life-changing event that influences every aspect of your life from personal freedoms to professional career and finances. The situation is even grimmer for immigrants who aren’t well-versed with the criminal legal system in Brampton, Canada.

Now, if this is your first time being charged for a criminal offense, you need a trusted and experienced lawyer who can understand the grossness of the event and can offer you emphatic legal services to bring a favorable outcome.

At Gurbir Singh, our core principle remains serving locals and immigrants alike with a passionate and honest legal representation across Brampton, Milton, Toronto, Ontario; giving them a fair chance to defend them against the criminal legal system. Our Punjabi lawyers have represented hundreds of immigrants for all criminal offenses including impaired driving, sexual assault, theft, internet crimes, drugs and alcohols, robbery, fraud and many more.


A worthy experience you can count on!

What makes us unique is the fact that we understand the emotions at stakes with criminal charges amongst the Indians and other South Asians. Our team of Indian Lawyers Brampton comes with over two decades of experience in helping Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi immigrants living across Brampton, Toronto, Milton, Ontario with an honest, bold and emphatic legal representation under all circumstances.

Why Gurbir Singh’s Punjabi Lawyers:

  • Years of experience in the Canadian legal system
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise across all criminal laws and procedures
  • Hundreds of successful criminal cases for sexual assaults, impaired driving, drug and alcohol, and many others
  • Clear and better communication in multiple languages (Hindi, Punjabi, English)
  • Honest and bold trial representation
  • Transparent services
  • Experienced guidance through the criminal justice system
  • Emphatic and honored approach to case
  • Defend your family honor and reputation

Committed to delivering the best results

If you know a friend of a community member who have been charged for a criminal offense, the best service you can do for them is to call our experienced Indian Lawyers in Brampton to help them deal with the criminal justice system. We are committed to serve all Indian immigrants with the most trusted and reliable courtroom representation and deliver the best results for clients.

Gurbir Singh Lawyers – Guiding you through each step of the criminal justice system!

At Gurbir Singh, our expert Punjabi lawyers have years of practical experience in representing immigrants from across South Asia with a client-centric and personal approach. We work out with our clients to come up with the best possible legal solutions for all criminal charges.

We are here to help and irrespective of the criminal charge, we are here to offer you free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your options and get you around the criminal proceedings you’ll be facing in the courtroom.