Justice Isn’t a Privilege but a right!

At Gurbir Singh Law Firm, we are driven by one core principle; we can’t leave the most vulnerable segment of society without experienced legal representation just because they can’t afford it.

We are a passionate team of Punjabi criminal lawyers in Milton, ready to fight legal battles for our clients with comprehensive legal services at an affordable cost.


A Punjabi Criminal Lawyer that understands the unique family fabric!

Criminal legal cases are always complex with all the stakes, emotions and intricacies involved. The unique family make-up of Indian and other sub-continental families makes it even more complex and intricated. At Gurbir Singh Law Firm, our Punjabi lawyers in Milton understand what goes behind the legal aspects of a courtroom trial and make sure minimal stakes are being hurt.

We have worked with hundreds of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi clients successfully and helped them with competent legal representation with the emotional and emphatic approach. As one of the most experienced Punjabi lawyer Milton, our service areas include all criminal legal matters including:

  • Years of experience in the Canadian legal system
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise across all criminal laws and procedures
  • Hundreds of successful criminal cases for sexual assaults, impaired driving, drug and alcohol, and many others
  • Clear and better communication in multiple languages (Hindi, Punjabi, English)
  • Honest and bold trial representation
  • Transparent services
  • Experienced guidance through the criminal justice system
  • Emphatic and honored approach to case
  • Defend your family honor and reputation

We offer criminal law services in English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu, so you can trust us as one of you.