How to get Charges dropped for Domestic Violence -
An individual’s use of violence and abuse against another in a domestic situation is legally termed as domestic violence. It can involve violence against spouse, children, parents, or any other individual living together in domestic settlement. There are various kinds of domestic violence some of which may include:
  • Physical
  • Verbal
  • Psychological
  • Economic
  • Religious
  • Reproductive &
  • Sexual violence etc.

Although by law it is quite complicated to categorize an act of domestic violence but the overall increase in the occurrence of domestic violence is alarming. This is why it is best to acquire services of a criminal lawyer as violence or aggressive conduct towards other members of the family is often denied by the offender.

How to get Charges Dropped for Domestic Violence

A domestic violence case has an entirely different scenario from a civil Lawsuit.
In most domestic violence cases the individual harmed or the one that brings the issue to the Police is not able to drop the charges. If the case has been assigned a criminal lawyer for prosecuting, it may further progress to the trial stage without any notice or statement from the victim.

Nevertheless, the abused person can request the prosecuting lawyer to drop the case. At that time it is the legal team that concludes if adequate evidence is available to go ahead further with the matter or if the concern is not worth it. In this case Dropping charges for domestic violence may become a possibility. However, it entirely depends either on the statement of the victim or the proof of violence available for the case itself.

The individual accused requires a criminal defense lawyer to fight and avoid the potential impact of the criminal charges on his personal record. Legal representation by a professional and experienced criminal lawyer also plays a vital role in getting the charges dropped. A criminal lawyer in Toronto like Gurbir Singh not only help protect the rights of his clients but is also an expert in negotiating the best possible deal or plea bargain if possible. This way the case will end without the requirement of a judgment.

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