Criminal Law Questions

  • I was charged and released on a 'Promise to Appear', what do I do next?

    Answer is: If you have been charged, and the police release you with a promise to appear, you must contact a lawyer for a consultation. Depending on the jurisdiction you were arrested in, you may have two dates on the Promise to Appear form. One date will be the date you go into the police station and give your fingerprints and the second date will be your first appearance date.
  • What is a first appearance date and what happens this day?

    Answer is: On your first appearance date, you will receive your initial disclosure from the Crown’s office, and your matter will be adjourned approximately four weeks in order for your lawyer to conduct a Crown Pre Trial.
  • What is a Crown Pre-Trial?

    Answer is: A Crown Pre-Trial is a meeting between the Crown assigned to your case and your lawyer. In most cases, the Crown and your lawyer will try negotiating to resolve the matter.
  • How long will my case take to complete?

    Answer is: This question really depends on what the circumstances and charges are. Some cases can be resolved within a few weeks, and some matters can take over a year.
  • What are your charges for taking on my case?

    Answer is: Every case is unique, and the price will depend on the circumstances of the case.

Family Law Questions

  • I want a divorce, where do I start?

    Answer is: Your first step is to have a consultation with a lawyer. Depending on the property, kids and other assets, the lawyer will be better able to guide you on the right path.
  • What is a simple divorce?

    Answer is: A simple divorce is an uncontested divorce. There are no court appearances, and this divorce is completed in the Judge’s chambers.
  • How much does a divorce cost?

    Answer is: Every case is unique. Our office provides a flat fee + disbursements for Simple Divorces. Our office charges an hourly fee if the divorce is going to be contested.
  • Do I need a Separation Agreement?

    Answer is: You do not ‘need’ a separation agreement, but a separation agreement followed by a simple divorce can be a more financially efficient way of ending a relationship. A Separation agreement can list all of the issues including custody, access, child support and property equalization.
  • I am about to get married, should I make a Marriage Contract?

    Answer is: The Marriage Contract is an option that certain parties discuss before tying the knot. It protects property coming into the marriage. Marriage contracts might not be for everyone, but our office can draft them if they are ever needed.

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