Dealing with Criminal Charges in Toronto without Going to Jail -
If an individual is facing criminal charges, the very first step in the criminal court process and for many, the most important step is the release stage. Many people are released by the police directly from the police station. However a number of others will be held in custody and taken to court for a bail hearing. It is at the bail hearing where a judge or justice of the peace will determine if the person should be released into the community while the resolution of their issue is still pending. After the release stage an arrested individual will be given a first appearance date. The first appearance is not a trial it is rather an administrative court date meant to ensure that the matter is able to move along through the criminal court system. Ideally at the first appearance after the arrest an individual will receive their disclosure. These are the documents and information which an attorney will use to prosecute a case against an arrested individual.

Although by law it is quite complicated to categorize an act of domestic violence but the overall increase in the occurrence of domestic violence is alarming. This is why it is best to acquire services of a criminal lawyer as violence or aggressive conduct towards other members of the family is often denied by the offender.

What are the Rights of an Individual after the Arrest

When an individual is arrested he has a number of rights. It is compulsory for a police officer to tell you about these four rights.

  • An individual has the right to know why he has been arrested
  • The person arrested have the right to remain Silent
  • Also the right to talk to his lawyer
  • and the right to be searched in a reasonable way

There is no need to resist if the police tries to arrest you and if the Police did not tell you about your rights at the time of the arrest any confession or statement cannot be used against you.

How to avoid going to jail while charged with Criminal offence

We all know the importance of keeping a clean record with no criminal charges. Acquiring the services of a professional Criminal Lawyer or a Credible Criminal Law Firm is the best option when facing criminal charges. Criminal law services by an experienced lawyer like Gurbir Singh will not only be helpful in getting you through the case proceedings smoothly, but at times it also plays a vital role in avoiding imprisonment.

How to choose the best Criminal Lawyers Toronto

Although there are a number of competent, experienced, and credible lawyers available in Toronto. But when choosing a criminal defense lawyer to represent you, keep these few things in your mind. Choose a lawyer who is an expert in criminal law, he should represent you without any prior judgment or prejudice. He should be honest, have strong advocacy skills, and should be able to guide you with sincerity. Your lawyer should advice you about all the weaknesses and strengths of your case. He must also be able to understand your situation to recommend a specific course of action for your best interest.

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