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Getting charged for a criminal offense can be a life changing scenario and you might need professional criminal lawyer services to help you get out of the grave consequences and protect your rights. Our legal team of criminal lawyers Toronto has successfully defended and win over hundreds of criminal cases and are ready to protect your rights, too.

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Gurbir Singh is a leading criminal lawyer Toronto firm that delivers end-to-end professional legal support to individuals accused of criminal offences.

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Gurbir Singh offer businesses and individuals a reckless and dedicated legal support with strong representation for all criminal offences.

Irrespective of the charge including impaired driving, sexual assault, murder, violence or any other offence, our expert attorneys have the experience and expertise to guide you through the court proceedings with an impactful representation.

We take pride in helping our clients across each step of charge proceedings including instigating an effort to resolve or withdraw charges at early stages or proceeding to court trial when an early resolution is not reached.

We don’t back down nor let our guard down until you are satisfied!

We are based in Toronto with a strong satellite presence across the whole of Ontario. Our legal team of criminal lawyers are ready to travel across breadth and width of Toronto, Ontario to ensure strongest representation and legal support to our clients.

Criminal Accusations Ruin Lives – We Can’t let that happen to Our Clients!

No one wants to be charged with criminal offences.

However, we often see good people being ruined with false or exaggerated criminal charges.

Proceedings of criminal charges often prove too frightening and scary for most people as they remain unclear and daunted of the future. Prosecutors and investigative officers aren’t trained to see things from a different perspective and the court might not be interested to expedite your process.

Combine all the above factors and we have the perfect recipe of a ruined life.

Our Criminal lawyers can help!

At Gurbir Singh we remain committed to bringing the most just, honest and strongest criminal case representation for individuals to help them get out of the shit hole as fast as possible. Our unique approach towards criminal defense, leading legal experts and a strong footprint across the fraternity give you the power to be represented in the best possible way.

We understand that compromise isn’t an option for when there’s everything at stake and thereby, we don’t hesitate to proceed to the litigation (when the court doesn’t pay heed to an acceptable solution) to be able to help our you get the best solution.

We are all ears for clients to you!

At Gurbir Singh there is nothing about us and everything about You!

We understand the sensitivities and intricacies involved in criminal proceedings and that’s one reason why we never leave you alone!

We are never far from you with a 24/7 service support for all emergencies. We take personal interest to meet and communicate with clients, not just to understand their side of the story but also to give them the hope of a better future that lies ahead.