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Criminal Defence Lawyer Brampton

Gurbir Singh Law is a dedicated criminal defence lawyer brampton with a mission to enable clients the most honest and outspoken representation for criminal law in Brampton. Over the years we have successfully helped hundreds of clients get over the line against all sorts of criminal charges across Brampton.

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A solid and professional legal representation through an experienced brampton lawyer is one of the most pressing needs for anyone charged with criminal offense. Many people without proper legal advice have mistakenly pleaded guilty “giving in to the hardships of the courtroom”, only to find themselves struck in lifelong ramifications.

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Gurbir Singh lawyer has been offering professional and reliable Brampton criminal lawyers services to clients across the Brampton. Our experienced and professional Criminal Lawyer in Brampton team offers a solid courtroom representation that protects and shields your rights and seal the best deal for you.

Criminal charges have lifelong ramifications for people; literally cutting off their ability towards better education, job opportunities or in case of immigrants, it might actually restrict your chances to become a Canadian citizen.

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Criminal Laws are complicated and often out of the scope of understanding for most people. The situation gets even grimmer for immigrants, who for most parts are totally unaware of their legal rights. At Gurbir Singh Law Firm, we know the life obliteration that comes with criminal charges. Our passionate criminal defence lawyer Brampton is firm in their stance to give voice to people who can’t raise their voice on legal aspects with the truest and honestits courtroom representation to save your life, family and career.

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Criminal Law

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  • Professional Criminal Lawyer

    I was introduced to counselor Gurbir through a family friend. He was professional and very easy to talk to. I would recommend Gurbir to anyone stuck in a similar situation.
  • Quality legal services.

    From the initial consultation to the final day in court, Gurbir really demonstrated quality legal service. I trusted him, and he delivered.
  • Clients are his priority.
         Gurbir was the first lawyer I spoke to regarding my matters. He always answers his phone, even on the weekend! He really helped me through a tough time, and I would definitely recommend him to future potential clients.

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